(Excerpt from the IKR-CKI Constitution)
1. In a spirit of fairness and equity, annual membership dues shall be assessed differently for organizations based in countries with different income levels according to the classification established by the World Bank. (The exact amount of an applicant organization’s annual membership dues will be assessed on the basis of its strength and country status and will be communicated to the organization on request.)
2. Membership dues shall be paid up in full by 30 January of each calendar year in respect of which they are due to IKR-CKI’s account … (details will be communicated on acceptance of application for membership). All payments to IKR-CKI’s account shall be effected net of transfer charges – 30 January being the deadline by which the transfer shall be effective, i.e. on the account.
3. For newly affiliated members, IKR-CKI membership dues shall be paid up in full within one calendar month of receipt of the email notifying acceptance of the application for membership … Where the said email is sent before the end of September, the assessed membership dues shall be understood to cover the current year. Where the email is dated between 1 October and 31 December, the membership dues shall be understood to cover the following year.
4. Late payment of dues by a member organization shall automatically entail suspension of membership and, after six months, termination thereof.