Affiliation and Membership

(Excerpt from the IKR-CKI Constitution)
1. The membership of IKR-CKI shall be composed of national Karatedo organizations having fulfilled the affiliation requirements prescribed below.
2. Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, membership shall be open preferentially to existing national-level Chidokan organizations and, in countries without a Chidokan organization, to other established or prospective Karatedo organizations wishing to adopt the Chidokai form of Shotokan Ryu and agreeing to commit themselves to the ethical and organizational framework established herein.
3. National-level representation of IKR-CKI shall normally be confined to a single recognized organization per country. Subject to exhaustion of all possible options for reconciling and consolidating competing national applications, cases of dual or multiple applications for membership from within the same country shall be settled by the Coordinator, in consultation with the JKC Standing Committee and the Chair of the Advisory Board, normally by giving preference to one of the applications over the other(s) or, exceptionally, where the circumstances so justify and the applicant senior Dan-grade leaders can agree terms of coexistence, in derogation of the principle of unified national-level representation. In such cases, however, membership shall initially be granted on a provisional basis.
4. Application for membership shall imply unconditional acceptance of the provisions of this Constitution and unreserved commitment to the following obligations and principles of conduct:

(i) mutual trust and respect in upholding the honour and reputation of JKC and IKR-CKI,

(ii) prioritization of the international interests and objectives of IKR-CKI over national-level politics and personal advancement,

(iii) submission by email before 31 December of each year of a nominal list of all members consolidating and updating the initial lists required for application under section 5(iv) below,

(iv) commitment, particularly on the part of non-Chidokan organizations,  to avail themselves of every opportunity afforded by IKR-CKI to learn, practise and teach the distinctive Chidokai forms of Shotokan Ryu,

(v) adherence to the traditional spirit of Chidokai in regard to the direct transmission of Chidokai  technique, Kihons and Katas from authorized teacher to student – their dissemination by any other means being strictly prohibited (e.g. books or other publications, internet or other electronic media).

5. Application for membership shall be made by the senior dan-grade leader of the applicant organization by means of:

(i) A duly completed application for IKR-CKI affiliation (downloadable from the IKR-CKI website);

(ii) A personal Karatedo history of the signatory of the application (i.e. senior Dan-grade leader), together with his/her duly completed Dan-grade registration form, e-mail address, postal address for service and, for the purposes of initial generic IKR-CKI Dan-grade certification, a copy of the certificate/diploma establishing the highest grade held by him/her and its issuing authority;

(iii) A duly completed dan-grade registration form for each dan-grade member of the applicant organization (downloadable from the IKR-CKI website);

(iv) A full list of affiliated dojos, including their addresses, training schedules, the names and grades of their designated instructors, and a nominal list of their registered members specifying their date of birth and  the date on which each member commenced training (using the Kyu registration form downloadable from the IKR-CKI website);

(v) Kyu- and Dan-grade progression schedules, giving minimum intervals between grades and average weekly training frequency required.

6. The duly signed and completed application form together with the required supporting documents and Dan-grade registration forms (one per Dan-grade member of the applicant organization, showing highest Dan only), shall be sent to IKR-CKI’s address for service in Geneva, by registered mail addressed to:
Chemin de l’Avanchet 21
(Alternatively, the above documents may be sent electronically to IKR-CKI’s email address. )
7. Where an application is kept pending on account of inadequate documentary support or a failure to comply fully with the requirements specified in section 5 above, the signatory of the application shall be invited once by email to remedy such shortcoming within one month, failing which the application shall be deemed to have lapsed.
8. On acceptance of the application by the Coordinator, acting in consultation with the Chair of the Advisory Board, the senior Dan-grade leader of the applicant organization shall be notified accordingly by email and, subject to timely payment of the membership dues …, issued with:
  • a Certificate of Affiliation in the name of the new member organization, identifying the signatory of the application as the organization’s senior Dan-grade leader;
  • an IKR Certificate accrediting the highest credibly documented Dan grade held by the signatory of the application;
  • samples of the Chidokai badge for reproduction and distribution to all members of the newly affiliated organization who shall automatically enjoy personal accreditation with IKR-CKI based on the list of members submitted.
Both Certificates and the badges shall be sent to the signatory of the application/senior Dan-grade leader by registered mail within one month of receipt of the organization’s assessed membership dues.
9. Where an application is rejected, the signatory shall be notified accordingly by registered mail (or email) within one week of the Coordinator’s decision to reject the application, taken in consultation with the Chair of the Advisory Board.